onsdag 6. september 2017

Ny kunde i Danmark – TM (tidligere Theilgaard Mortensen)

Vår første, større kunde i Danmark, TM,  har skrevet en anmeldelse av eWay-CRM på Capterra. Den MÅ jeg bare legge ut på bloggen.




Om TM:
TM (former Theilgaard Mortensen) was founded in 1999 based on values like quality and professionalism through which we have become one of the Nordics’ leading experts in e-commerce and online customer experience based on IBM’s platforms. By developing webshops that attract visitors and turn them into customers, we have helped a range of B2C and B2B companies in the Nordic market increasing revenues and building stronger brands.Our headquarters is in Copenhagen, and we have employees in Norway, Sweden, UK and Spain which makes us able to cover the most of Europe in order to work with our customers where they might operate.

Se mer om TM her: www.tmnet.dk

Alle anmeldelsene finner du her: www.capterra.com/p/152769/eWay-CRM/#reviews

Se mer om eWay-CRM her: www.eway-crm.no/crm-system